3 Nov

Greetings Dear Followers!

I wanted to check in and write about the workout of the day.  It was fun, pretty challenging and I was feeling good this morning! We had some new faces and my partner that I worked with today was one of them.  It got me thinking about how I was when I first started boot camp.  I remember bear crawling thinking I was going to DIE, like honestly… and I’m pretty sure my partner was thinking that too.  Now I LOVE bear crawling, especially with straps, I feel so primal and mobile :), hopefully she’ll get there too!  I definitely liked being able to give her some gentle direction on form etc. maybe I want to be a trainer when I grow up? Hmm… anywhoo, I also got adjusted by Dr. Nick and got to chat a lil with Jen Jen both events were awesome!

WU: Jumping jacks, wacky jacks, bird dogs, glute bridges, squats, wall sit.

Partner stuff: 4 gym length naughty puppies, 2x 30 sec. bear crawl, 2x 30 sec. wounded soldier.

Challenge: 3 rounds, 30 seconds each. Jump rope (I almost have my double unders down…close!), plie squats with 15 lb kettle bell, hanging knees to elbow (I need gloves ASAP, my poor wittle hands!)

Live to Thrive,



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