It’s Fridaaaaay!

4 Nov

TGIF! Whoa, talk about a long week! I’m so happy to be sitting on my couch with my hubby and doggies (we’re babysitting our friends’ boxer, Jake) watching Twilight, the smell of the freshly run heater, the oven clean cycle and the wind bustling outside. It feels like winter and I love it!

We just got back from the client appreciation potluck at IBBC/SBFC, good times! I love potlucks, especially paleo potlucks. It such a cornucopia of creativity! Great group of people too. I brought this AMAZING dish that Jeremy helped me make. Roasted Brussels sprouts and beets with onions and garlic and ….bacon. YUM. We also sampled a couple delicious desserts 🙂

Workout of the day today was…..NADA! 3 days in a row boot camp style typically does it for me so I took the day to recoup and hydrate. Tomorrow is beach workout and I’m exited to push it, it’s gonna be chilly.

Mom and Dad are coming up tomorrow for breakfast which rocks because I’ve barely seen them since they moved into their new house! They’re pretty hell bent on getting settled, I can’t say I blame them but tomorrow they’re free!!! So we’ll meet at Jeaninne’s bakery in Cito and then head on a Harley ride with Sissy and Ev. Then Sunday is chores and tidying and relaxing, and prepping food for the week, my fave!

For breakfast I had an egg cupcake and my normal whole food vitamin w/ grapefruit juice. For lunch I had a hardboiled egg, sliced turkey from applegate farms an apple with almond butter and baby carrots. Pretty tasty and filling I must admit. Dinner was a heaping serving of our lovely dish of beets and Brussels and 2 chicken wings.

Twilight and my glass of Merlot are getting exciting so I really must be going 🙂 Have a good Friday night and Ill check in tomorrow/

Live to Thrive,


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