Tuesday and I was feeling alright!

10 Nov

Greetings love muffins!

Checking in as usual with the workout of the day, some fun food stuff and a few randoms :).

WOD 9/8:

WU: Hollow body rock, face down swimmers.

Challenge #1: Plank walk across the gym, 15 star jacks, 3 rounds, 4 teams of 4.

Challenge #2: 40lb kettlebell walk across the gym, 15 squat presses, 3 rounds, 4 teams of 4.

I had some pretty darn good food today. Brekkie was a 1/2 grapefruit, a handful of almonds and my super duper green whole foods supplement mixed into oj (I’ll send a pic of that in an upcoming post). For lunch I had a smoked chicken thigh, some baby carrots and a 1/2 of an avocado.

Dinner was probably my most epic paleo dish ever! PIZZA.  I used Everyday Paleo’s crust recipe and got creative like she suggested! I also used a very interesting and not completely Paleo form of Vegan cheese called Diaya.  There’s no dairy or soy, it’s made out of some root I think- but it’s processed.  The olives and the sauce don’t really count as Paleo either.  So you’ll have to be gentle with me there, no stakes or torches!   The taste of the pizza outweighs any scrutiny actually, pizza used to be my favorite and I was intensely missing it! lol.  But the cheese surprisingly really melted and totally tasted like real cheese!  I got some really high quality pepperoni from Applegate farms, chopped up some really happy piggy bacon, organic pizza sauce, green pepper, red onion, shrooms, black olives, serrano chilies, and some leftover kale chips.   I drizzled with some olive oil and put it in the oven!  Seriously, SERIOUSLY, for really reallz- try.this.dish!

Food aside, I have to let everyone know that I’m ALMOST done with the thank you notes from the wedding!! The energy from the Paleo pizza helped me power through them!  I did however, have to eat alone because my beloved husband had to work late.  BOO, he had a plate of pizza slices waiting in the oven though and it maybe was better that no one heard the strange noises I was making during my meal lol.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s fun!

Live to Thrive



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    • sheshredss November 10, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

      Thanks Ivar, and thank you for following!

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