Paleo Goodness!

4 Jan

Hi Again!

So soon you say?! Yes! My goal from yesterday’s post is to create a post each weekday for 2 consecutive weeks.  If you’re a follower, get ready for some exciting stuff (or random stuff, depending on how creative my brain is feeling).

I’ve had a couple people lately ask me where I’ve been going online for Paleo lifestyle information, resources and recipes.  SoooOOOooo, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.   I also encourage you to share some of your favorites as well if you have them.

A few golden rules that I’ve has success with so far (thank you SBFC and IBBC!):


2. Don’t eat grains, diary, legumes, sugar.

3. Get adjusted.

4. Take Omega 3’s, a whole food supplement and D3.

5. Hydrate


Now for some good stuff, PALEO good stuff.  I’ve been on an information gathering FREAKFEST and have found some really great links for those of you that are interested in learning more about this amazing lifestyle.

Mark Sisson’s Website– Start here, look for a little box on the right that says “sign up.”  If you do you will get an amazing intro series of 7 or so emails.  They are simple, scientifically sound and fun to read!

Robb Wolfe’s FAQ’s

The Truth About Healthy Grains– For when people say “BUT WAIT!? Whole grains are good for you and they’re even in the government’s “My Plate” healthy diet recommendation.”  You can tell them, think again!

Why grains SUCK!– from Mark Sisson

The Whole 30 Plan– a great way to start living Paleo, try the 30 day challenge.  If you’re worried about feasibility, I’d say you should slowly start to taper off your dairy and grain intake but if you’re ready to see maximum results and feel like a rockstar, check out this link.

Robb Wolfe’s Quick Start-  a step by step guide to get you off ‘dem grains!

Weston A. Price Foundation

A funny Whole 30 testimonial

Paleo Recipe Sites:

Nom Nom Paleo– my personal favorite recipe site

Health-Bent– another favorite of mine, they do have some recipes with dairy so if you’re dairy free just modify!

Paleo Plan-  nice selection of recipes here as well.



I’ve got yesterday’s recipe here for you as well (told you there’d be good stuff :)).  I again, since I was in the process of kicking my cold’s ass, wanted to have loads of veggies and vitamin c.  I decided to roast some butternut squash with Brussels and BACON as a side dish.  We also had a small artichoke each and Cod filets (I overcooked these dammit).  Most of this was killer, Jeremy took his first bite of squash and said “babe, this is really, really good!!”  That makes me very happy :P.

Bomb Bacon, Brussels and Butternut (yes, I like alliteration):

Chef’s note here: don’t do what I did in the pic and put the Brussels in with the squash.  The Brussels roast at 350 in about 15 minutes, the squash takes a full 45.  What I suggest is throwing the raw Brussels and bacon in with the squash after it’s baked for about 15 minutes (see more cooking instructions below).

1 package diced up butternut squash- if you want to get a whole one and wrastle with it go ahead and knock yourself out, literally lol (whole foods cuts them up fresh daily).

5 slices bacon- ch0pped

10 brussels halved

2 tbsp ghee

salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 350. Melt the ghee in a large microwave safe bowl and toss in the squash.  Place in the oven and set the timer for 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, toss the Brussels lightly in EVOO.  After the squash has had it’s first 20 minutes, add the bacon and the Brussels.  Let that all get happy for another 20 minute.

If I were you I’d just google some different methods of cooking the Cod.  I tried dredging mine in an egg bath and coating it with almond flour and throwing itin a medium hot pan.  I think it would have been okay, I just over cooked it :/. Meh, next time.   In all honestly, I’m really struggling with my new AllClad stainless cookware. I’ll get the hang of it but it’s a whole new ball game, TRUST ME.

You can also google how to steam artichokes.  I’ve been eating them since I had 2 front teeth and have been cooking the same way since I was able to see over the counter.  Always add a lemon to your boiling “steam” water 😛


Lauren’s Ass Kicking Cold Remedy (with the help of Dr. Nick):


Water, water, water – till you can’t stand it any more! Add lemon if you want.

Omega 3’s

Vitamin D3

Vitamin C

LOADS of veggies


And then you have no more cold! I’m so excited because I’ve never felt a “little sick” and then pulled myself out of it.  It always takes me down.  Hope this works for you too!

Live to Thrive,



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