Quick and Dirty..

25 Jan

Good Evening!

To be honest, I don’t feel good today but I want you all to know that even on my worst day I won’t let you down and I won’t not achieve my goals!

I know I already wrote a post about how to beat a cold but I thought I’d share the goodness from Dr. Nick’s own blog.  His is a bit more detailed and well, he’s a Dr. and I’m not!


I’m attributing this round to stress (Jeremy has been gone for over a week, been negotiating work and even put my 2 week notice in) and a party night on Saturday, I also had cheat meal on Friday afternoon.  I’m wondering how many examples I’ll have before I make a change.

Well, 2.  Yep, this is it.  I WILL NOT BE SICK AGAIN IN 2012.  Mark my words.  We’re not genetically required to get sick for crying out loud! Not because “the seasons are changing” or “I haven’t been sick for a while, it’s just my time.”  BULLSHIT.

So as I write you this, I’m drifting into melatonin, roasted broccoli and Brussels sprout, fish oil, vitamin c, vitamin d coma.  I can truly say I did my best to kick this again, be at the Chiro first thing tomorrow.

I promised you Braised Short Ribs and you will have the recipe tomorrow!!

Live to Thrive,




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