Braised Short Ribs…like whoa

26 Jan

Happy Thursday Kiddos!

I promised my short ribs adventure so here comes.  They were SO good.  Rich and savory and perfect for cold days.  Except it’s been 75 in Santa Barbara the last couple days.

If you’re curious what braising is, check this out.  I’m pretty sure it’s fool proof, much like a slow cooking method.

No matter, they’re a bit of work but bite the bullet, that’s why it’s called food of love.  I served the short ribs over garlic mashed cauliflower potatoes.

I followed this recipe and I used my dutch oven.  And think you should too 🙂

Here are pictures from  my quest:

I used coconut oil instead of veggie oil that the recipe calls for, how could they!?


Browning Short Ribs

Stock Base Prepping

Pre 4 Hour Oven Bath

Post 4 Hour Oven Bath

The veggies (separate process) and bacon.  I used already cooked bacon that I had made the day before, it was still great.

Veggies *minus the onion

Veggies with "The Sauce" from Dutch Oven

My Plate 🙂

Let me know how this turns out for you, don’t forget to get grass fed beef :).  Baby I save you a short rib!!! Come and get it (he’s on his way home to me, finally!!).

Live to Thrive,



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