Meal Planning and Budgeting!

27 Apr

Hi Again Friends!

As promised from the results of the poll you all took I’d like to share how I plan my meals for the week and budget.

Okay so first and foremost you’ll need to get out a fresh piece of paper (ugh, MOM- I sound EXACTLY like you right now!!) and sit the eff down.  Yes, meal planning takes time but it’s time well spent!

Next you need to write out the days of the week (I usually do just 5 days because one way or another Jer and I end up at a friends house or out to eat).   The key with integrating the dinners and lunches is  to pick dinners that will give you leftovers or will serve for both meals.  Also, I usually choose to serve one large serving of one type of vegetable or one hot, one cold veggie side.

And last, I buy farmers market veggies and eggs whenever possible and actually am expecting my 1st CSA delivery next week (I’ll be in Israel but Jer can play).  Once I start getting these on the regular I plan to create my meal plans based on what’s in the box.  ALWAYS check Whole Foods weekly coupons.  I typically pick meats and veggies that are on sale.  There are also items that I’ll buy at one of our cheaper grocery stores like onions, garlic etc.


Next I tackle what we’ll have for lunches and breakfast.  For me, the kind of foods we eat for these 2 meals are interchangeable.
  • Salad with sliced steak
  • Tuna salad sandwiches with apple slices as “bread”
  • Slow cooker chicken lettuce wraps with salsa
  • Hard boiled egg, tomato and bacon bowl
  • Cole slaw w/ hard boiled egg and shredded chicken
  • Leftover sketti with a cucumber salad
  • Leftover burger
  • Salami with cucumber and deli mustard
After you’ve got these 2 steps done you can continue to make your shopping list.  I separate my list by meat, veggies and other (what else is there really!?).  Make sure you go through each meal and write down what you’ll need in your list.
1/2 lb lamb
1 lb bison
1 lb ground pork
1 lb venison
1 whole chicken
4 lb pork butt
2 lb ground beef
2 lb skirt steak
2 lbs bacon
1 log salami
4 bell peppers
3 onions
Sketti squash
Salad lettuce
Sweet taters
Wrap lettuce
Fresh herbs
Mineral water
Grapefruit juice
So as you can see, I’ve got the shopping list all squared away.  I’d say this would absolutely feed a family of 2 for about $150.  I’ll be sure to update you once I’ve got the CSA coming regularly.  I also hope to start buying meat in bulk from US Wellness meats so that should be good.  Check out the resources below for some additional information.  Love you guys! Thanks for reading!!!

Paleo On A Budget

Sheshredds post

The Paleo Budget Shopping Guide

Live to Thrive,


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