How to “GO” Paleo

30 May

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Today is THE day to make a change in your life. Because what else to we really have if we don’t have our health? Doesn’t the state of health in our nation scare the ever loving shit out you?? This post will be a step by step guide to help you make the most important decision of you and your family’s life. To quote one of my favorite Paleo gurus, Beverly Meyer say “FOOD FIRST!”

The shift to not eating grains or dairy or processed food can be a bit scary but I promise you it’s easier that it sounds. Before you send your family on a full blown violent revolt, focus on YOU. The main thing to remember here is to eat REAL FOOD, ditch the sugar and do away with grains and legumes.

Check out the links below to read about exactly what the lifestyle entails and why. You can also poke around “My Favorite Things” page to admire my favorite authorities on all thing Paleo and beyond.

First up- start a food journal. Write down EVERYTHING. I don’t care if you pretend sneeze and shove a jelly belly in your mouth- write it down.

Now that you know your stuff via the links above, lets take this bish to the kitchen. Before you start taking away bad things from your diet, you need to ADD good things. For example, if you’re not eating grass fed beef or free range eggs and chicken try incorporating those into your next shopping trip. Start experimenting with new vegetables and cuts of meat and lots of them. Try some new raw cheeses (raw diary is a grey area in Paleo land) Keep in mind the “add on” phase should go on for a couple weeks depending on your comfort level with the change. Bulk up on spices and fresh herbs. Onion and garlic are your two new best friends, love them. ADD ALTERNATIVE FATS– Coconut oil, ghee, EVOO, duck fat, rendered lard etc.

Next you’ll need to take an inventory of your kitchen. Particularly- your cupboard and your refrigerator doors. I want you to make a pile on your counter. A pile, regardless if you donate these items or throw them away or slowly trade them out for more natural/Paleo friendly substitutes- of all the pasta, rice, items with high fructose corn syrup, items that have ingredients that you can’t pronounce and dairy. Check your cupboard, your fridge, freezer and your CANDY DRAWER (yes, that too you sneaky bitches) and step back to take a look (send me a picture if you think of it!). You’ll get a good idea of what’s vital to replace, what can be trashed, what can be donated and what you can’t bear to get rid of. Baby steps lovers.

Next up is to change the way your dinner plate looks. Instead of meat, veggie, grain/legume change it to meat, veggie, veggie. If you eat tons of grains and very few legumes, cut out the legumes first. And start substituting “better” grains. Quinoa is a good bet, wild rice as well. Just know that these foods will be a thing of the past and your body will LOVE you for it!

After that, you’ll need to evaluate your breakfast and lunch options. For breakfast think eggs and BACON, smoothies and frittatas. For lunch think giant salads billowing with fruits and veggies with meat or fish. That’s the beauty of you reading this blog, you have access to recipes and meal planning galore!

Now we need to address the family. If you’re single think of this step as addressing your peers and parents :). In my case for a while, I cooked a side dish of grains or legumes for my hubby. After a while he succumbed and felt bad that I was having to do the extra work in the kitchen. BUT, if that realization doesn’t happen for your significant other, have him or her make it themselves. Gently tell them that this is a decision you’re making to create a healthier family and because you’re queen/king of the kitchen what you say goes- “but by all means, make yourself a pot of rice.” They will….for a while…. Muah ah ah ah! Be sure to share with your family why you are making these changes and how it makes YOUR body feel (you will have stories galore of more energy, better sleep, more regular poops etc. lol).

Do not forget your cheat meal!!!!!! I’m dead serious when I say you must literally eat anything your little heart desires for one meal, once a week. You can even start with a whole cheat day if you need.

As for booze, ah…vino! Set a limit for yourself, vodka or tequila soda with lime is best due to the low sugar content. Red wine is better than white. Alcohol metabolizes as sugar anyway so there’s no winning. I AM NOT GOOD AT THIS STEP YET!

Lastly, you must know that this change is a progression and you will make mistakes. Dust yourself off and make better decisions for the next meal. Also, pure Paleo does not consist of a portion control element but use your judgement. A wheelbarrow of almonds probably isn’t the best idea if weight loss is your goal. Love you guys, thanks for reading and as always I’m here to answer questions.

Live to Thrive,

Ps- Don’t forget to MOVE and GET ADJUSTED and TAKE YOUR FISH OIL


2 Responses to “How to “GO” Paleo”

  1. Sonja May 31, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Lauren! My boyfriend and I are loving it and doing so great! We do not miss having grains especially with your cauliflower rice recipe! I thought I would have a harder time with no cheese, but we have realized cheese is just a filler and with all the spices, who needs it! Anyway, in two weeks I have gone down a pant size. I think it was only inflammation but still!! 🙂

    • sheshredss June 1, 2012 at 8:50 am #

      Sonja I can’t tell you enough how happy this makes me. Seriously I’m on cloud9!! I agree on cheese, I was SO worried about cutting out cheese in when I started but it is just a filler and most conventional cheeses are so unbalanced with their Omega 3-6 ratio, it’s not even good fat! Have you experimented with Coconut Oil yet? It will take you to the moon! lol. Keep me posted on your progress! Do you mind if I use your comment as a testimonial post? xoxoxo

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