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From the Vault!

16 May

Happy Wednesday Fantastic Followers!

I thought it would be fun to take a look back in time and share some of my favorite recipes and posts.  Two other exciting items, I have a really exciting project on the horizon but I can’t tell you what it is yet  :), and I’ll be updating my blog pages soon to separate out the recipes by beef, chicken, veggies, sides etc.  I’ve got so many posts now, how could you be expected to scroll through all those and get to the goodness!?


Paleo Sauces

Carnitas Tacos!

A plethora of Information

What is Paleo?

Paleo Lasagna

Meat Cups!

I hope that satiates your appetite for a bit.  This week: You can still count on my non Paleo adventure in Israel as well as my FAVORITE DISH EVER!!

I appreciate every single one of you!

Live to Thrive,



A Plethora of Information!

19 Mar

Happy Monday Friends!

Geeeez, where have you guys been!? Oh wait, that’s me :).  No worries, I’m BACK and I’ve been researching my little hiney off!  I’ve posted a few of these items on my FB recently but I wanted to gather up the goodness and pass it along to you!  Feel free to leave me any questions as comments!

Stay tuned for some great recipes this week.   We’re all planned out and shopping is all squared away.  Feels good 🙂

Soy oh boy!! EEEEW!!

The great CON-ola

My new hero

Underground Wellness= BOMB

FAKE health foods

Live to Thrive,


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